Two Steps To Wake Up To A Great Opportunity Tomorrow

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While life has certainly taken a 180 degree turn for most over the last few months, it wasn’t in a way that was planned or expected.

Change can be exciting, which is why people take adventurous vacations, switch careers and relocate to new places. However, forced or unanticipated change, like what we are experiencing now, tends to elicit feelings of stress and anxiety. Worse, with so much uncertainty about what is to come over the next few months, it feels like all plans are on hold indefinitely. With nothing concrete to look forward to, the days blend together in an endless string like the movie Groundhog’s Day.

But it doesn’t need to feel that way. Whether you were bored with your job or had fallen into monotony before the pandemic or have more recently succumbed to the daily ambiguity that surrounds us all now, you can create ways to wake up to new opportunities tomorrow and rekindle that excitement about seizing the day.

Whether you’re looking for connection, inspiring work, or new opportunities, you have the power to make that happen with these two steps.

1) PLANT SEEDS. Actions get reactions, so if you want to wake up tomorrow to a new opportunity, set the ball in motion. And a good rule of thumb is to plant more seeds than you think you need or can handle. Not all will take root and you’ll experience less anxiety over opportunities that don’t emerge when you’re focusing on the ones that DO. Here’s how:

2) REMOVE WEEDS. In the same way action can create momentum, obstacles and unnecessary hurdles will slow you down. So, it’s worth assessing any energy and time vampires and putting them to rest. Here’s how:

Newton’s Third Law isn’t just for physics majors, but rather applies to all things in life. For every action you take, there is an equal and opposite reaction, even if it isn’t always what you anticipate it to be.

If you’re feeling paralyzed in the ambiguity of the new normal, you’re not alone. Situations that once had a level of certainty now have none, and we’re learning that we control much less in the world than we once believed. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to stand still. Take a step forward into motion and you’ll soon see the ripple effect.

Happy hunting!

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Career Switch Coach | Wharton EMBA Career Director | Author of SWITCHERS | SiriusXM (132) Host "Dr Dawn on Careers" | TEDx Speaker | LinkedInLearning Instructor

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