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It you peruse online job descriptions, you’ll often find terms like “highly organized, team player, adaptable, strong leadership skills, ability to solve complex problems, learn quickly and prioritize” on nearly every list of preferred qualifications.

It seems a more concise way to summarize these qualities might be “military skills suite.” While direct experience in the military isn’t required to obtain these skills, it’s highly likely most veterans possess these coveted qualities.

Unfortunately, it’s tough for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to measure these essential transferable skills, so many military switchers get weeded out because they don’t possess the right key words to make it beyond the machines. And although I highly recommend that transitioning veterans “civilianize” their resumes to help with this hurdle, it still takes effort for a civilian hiring manager to understand where a soldier will best fit into the corporate structure. …


Dawn Graham

Career Switch Coach | Wharton EMBA Career Director | Author of SWITCHERS | SiriusXM (132) Host "Dr Dawn on Careers" | TEDx Speaker | LinkedInLearning Instructor

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